Opportunities have arisen that I'm largely unprepared for. This opportunity for my voice to be heard has fallen into my lap and I'm afraid that I don't have anything new to say. Anything that I can possibly think of to say has been said more eloquently before. I could talk about ongoing wars that use rape as a weapon, but if I know about these instances then that means that somebody else has already written about the subject and probably did a better job than I could hope to do. But that's not the point. I can't just sit back and rely on the fact that somebody can do a better job at something than I can. Somebody will probably always be better than me, and where's the fun in that? A large part of the original punk movement was to get kids to stop simply being consumers of the music scene and start producing their own art. It was about picking up a guitar and starting a band, and even if you didn't know how to play because your voice HAD to be heard. It was about starting a zine if you've never written anything because you needed to seie the moment and channel your thoughts somewhere. It wasn't about waiting until somebody better than you could do it. It was about you taking action now! And that's my hope for the future. That we won't simply be consumers, but we'll seize the opportunities that have been given to us and start our own movement, not just a copy what's been done before us. -Kana Harris


Thanks Kana.