First post


So this blog is currently using Ghost, a new blogging platform which is built upon node.js, backbone.js, and uses handlebar.js for templating.

Get ghost here.

I really hate wordpress. It's so clunky... and bloated.

Right now it's a battle between this platform and tumblr, but ultimately I think ghost will allow me to do more since it's based on node.js.

Like what? I'm working on:

  • A javascript based stream, which combines elements from twitter, instagram, and flickr and displays them all together.
  • A realtime chat in node (I know it's basic, but might make it cooler, imagine people currently on the blog being able to argue about specific posts in real time).

Oh and the editor is sleek. If you want to try it out (you can see that Karen has already), just message me and I'll let you on.

I'm pretty sure this is the future.