I left my wallet in el segundo

So, today I lost my wallet.

Despite being a total packrat... I usually don't lose things. And if I do it's temporary since it's somewhere in my huge piles of stuff. Also, I barely did anything today, so there are very few pain points where it could have been lost.

Oh well, I didn't have much in it. Everything is replacable.

I'm more saddened by the loss of the wallet itself, I got it at the Feliz sale a month ago when Teranishi came to Austin.

Nothing that fast food and a thank you text from someone after recieving your Christmas presents can't fix. Right? right..?

There's this fat orange cat that's been hanging around the house today. It totally pee'd in the garage, and it hella stinks in there. I also saw it(not sure if girl or boy) across the street aggrsively yelling at Bill.

Leave Bill alone.

Here are 2 songs that clicked with me today: