Leica M9P thoughts

For the sake of having something to say on a Sunday night, here's a quick post:

Here's a link to the set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/moarbokeh/sets/72157644426716433/

For some reason or another, a lot of people have been asking me about the Leica M9, saying that they're interested in getting one.

Here are some quick thoughts about the camera.

When buying a camera, initially you're tempted by all the buzzwords, features, and flashy bits. So naturally you get a full featured DSLR that can do it all.

Getting more into photography, I started seeing that a lot of my favorite photographers used leica cameras to produce dreamy, other worldly photos. I looked into the matter, found out that Leica offered simplicity and amazing results in the same package.

It has always been my dream camera. In many ways it has lived up to the hype, but there are issues you have to be wary about.

  • ISO sensitivity on the M9 sucks dick. Major dick.
  • For some reason I'm getting very poor dynamic range, even in comparison to older DSLR's.
  • There's no auto focus.
  • Metering is usually balls bad, you have to use your own intuition.
  • Frame lines aren't exact since it's a rangefinder and not a DSLR. For someone like me who cares about exact composition and fitting different things in... this is a problem a lot of times.

As for the good points:

  • At your fingertips you only have access to shutter speed, aperture, focus, and the shutter. That's it. And laregly, thats all I want.
  • Since lenses are all manual focus, they have fantastic focus markings, and smooth focusing
  • The lenses are small, compact, and amazing.
  • Focusing at night is the same as focusing during the day. So in a sense the loss in speed during day shooting due to not having autofocus is equalized with how fast it is to use at night.

Hope you enjoy the images.