virtuous cycle

The Ricoh fell out of my bag the the other day, these are the last 2 solid photos I got out of it:

prolly + pugsley

John Prolly on his fat bike.


Arcade UFO on a sunny day.

I have to send it in for repairs, which is a drag, but it gave me a chance to use my Leica a bit more who I've been neglecting, and Jeremiah lent me his spare NEX 6, which lets me use Leica lenses as well.


I don't think I could recommend the Leica system to anyone. It's hard to use... you can't trust the metering, the framing, and the focus is painfully hard to nail, but I find the photos that come out of it to be quite unique.

Photography has brought me to see and do things that normally I would never do.

The other night I went to a talk about the Austin startup scene given by my friend Damon. Damon is largely one of the most supportive figures in the coding community here in town. Seriously one of the most friendly and genuine guys you could possibly meet.

It was kind of obvious that he was nervous at first. The room was over-crowded with people and the tech wasn't working for the right half the room... but overall I think the talk covered the points that needed to be talked about, and was very informative for anyone new to the scene.

puppy hour

One of the notions brought up that really resonated with me was about the "Virtuous Cycle" and it's application to Austin. A successful startup creates more jobs and wealthy individuals who go on to create and invest in new businesses. It's kind of common sense, but it's something that I see everyday. You can see it in the ever changing landscape of downtown Austin and in the transformation on the East side... The money and energy brought by these tech startups do not take away from Austin's "weirdness." The tech industry fuels the creatives. The cycle allows for more.


Take Kirby, a barber who has a chair in Charlie's Hair Styles, a tiny tiny barber shop across the street from the Omni Hotel(Capital Factory) downtown for example. He was rated as one of Houston's top barber a few years back, and decided recently to move to Austin.


If anyone said they were going to move to a new town to start a premium barber service, set up shop in downtown, and offer reasonable prices in "today's economy"... you would probably give them a funny look.


Austin is beginning to have the ability to have these amazingly funky business relationships that you would have never imagined happening before.


Kirby is starting to stock Jeremiah's beard grooming products to use for his shaving services. Qui's bike rack was made by Windmill bikes on Manor, their woodwork was done by Griffon Ramsey, on the East side, and their ingredients are being sourced by local farms and producers that have just started up recently. The frames for our tables that we just had built for our coworking space were made by a metal fabricator down the road.


If you have a passion for doing something and creating something yourself, Austin is probably the best place that I've seen to make that happen. Austin doesn't have a lot of stuff, but it's a canvas for the ambitious and creative.

It's not a city to be consumed. It's a city that needs to be cultivated first.

3rd & comal

I always take the same path from Chicon Collective to Brew & Brew... and the other day I happened to see this girl as I was waiting at a stop sign.

If you see a picture you want to take always go for it. The hardest part about taking photos of people is the fear of rejection or an adverse reaction, and you'd be surprised how rarely that happens.

raw bar

I had dinner with Natasha the other night after the startup talk at BD Rileys on their trivia night. We went to Parkside for dessert and ran into Wesley and Arturo jamming on their raw bar.


Free Monday night billiards over at Slick Willie's on Burnet.


doge with booties


fuzzy memories from Tiki Night. bud + tequila = passed out patrick

yuuki x yuki

Snow and street fighter


I made a blog post about our new coding class, over at the coder vox blog.


An interesting scene downtown.


I have to say the tacos at Veracuz All Natural are probably the best tacos I've had, and I've had my fair share of tacos.


Recent Works by Griffon Ramsey.

bird feed

Pretty sure that bread wasn't intended for you, doge.


A typical traffic jam in Austin.


Got a couple of birthday gifts to myself bought at Farewell Books.


Although I kind of find it boring to read about tech people, I think Offscreen is incredibly cool for being a print magazine about the tech scene. I also picked up an issue of Gather, a James Beard award winning food magazine... the photos and recepies in it are jaw dropping and inspiring.

I was also glad to hear that they stocked the Ivan Ramen book after I showed them my copy of it, apparently it sold out on the first day they got it in!

china palace

I had a birthday party yesterday. China Palace catering at Brew & Brew. Worked out pretty well. My friends gave me 3 types of pesto as a gift and they made me cat faced cupcakes... meow


Mels + Chula


G Glass. I'm okay if girls wear it.


I've had pretty bad luck with hard freezes on my birthday, luckily I had mine right before the cold front. Thanks for coming out yall.

i'm fucking 24

I'm fucking 24. Now what?


Kind of crazy to have a birthday fall on Lunar new years, the souper bowl, and ground hogs day at the same time...

make a wish

Aww thanks guyz <3 I really felt the love this year!

bill walrus

I went to a super bowl party, and found out Bill lived in that house. It turns out Bill's real name is Walrus, and she's actually a girl.

Bill Walrus.