ACL is starting up again this year.

I've always used the music festival as a time to see where I am in life. It usually occurs at the end of the first week of October, about 1 month into school. Every year I always with a different crowd of people. It's never the same experience, but it's always a positive one and a lot of fun. I remember the first year I went, I saw Dave Matthews Band, which I've been a fan of since I was in elementary school (don't judge me @kappuru), the weather turned stormy and the entirety of Zilker Park turned into a giant mud pit. I returned to my dorm, and while I was trying to clean off my muddy shoes in the laundry room, I was overcame with the feeling that I had just seen something, and that I had finally "made it to college."

Fast forward 4 years,

in 2012, I said to myself "I'll be out of Austin by ACL 2013."

Lo and behold, I spent my now 5th year of undergrad, still failing and dropping classes because I didn't care, or I didn't want to think about what I wanted to do after college. Eventually after a bumpy ride, by August 2013, I managed to finish all my classes and finally graduate. At that time I remembered my goal. ACL was approaching. You can always tell because there's a certain crowd of people who buys tickets during the presale to try and gouge people at the last second to earn a profit on facebook or craigslist. Now that the festival is 2 weekends, that's pretty much impossible due to the amount of space that is available, and people that particular year were struggling to even sell the passes at face value. I can tell those types of people didn't learn their lessons this year.

But who knows, why am I being judgmental again? Most of them might have just bought tickets wishing they could go, but got caught up with work and other obligations.

Okay okay, back to it. I ended up going to the festival in 2013. And for that information you can go to the last page of my blog to find out what I was feeling back then.

Here I am in Austin again, the festival is here, 2014 edition. It's kind of weird that all of the things going on with me are coming together at this particular time of the year. Am I going to the festival? Probably not. Most likely going to Ditch the Fest Fest, which has... sadly more bands that I'm excited to see than ACL.