Futsuu - ordinary

普通・ふつう - "futsuu"

"Futsuu" - an adjective that describes generality, the ordinary, the usual.

healing nature

If you look at my feet, I'm wearing Crocs.

As per usual, I've had my ear up to the proverbial wall - on the other side is a room containing all of the cool kids, who are whispering softly to each other about all of the latest trends. I'm eternally on the other side, with a Twitter draft open, condensing the vapors of nuance into easily obtainable consumer goods.

A couple days ago, after picking up a burrito bowl from across the street, right before entering the elevator, I scanned the package shelf for anything that might be for me. Today's slight variation, an Amazon package - the contents which I've already forgotten. The next day I open this package, "Ah the Crocs are finally here." - holding them in my hand, I remember the day spent researching colors, finding availability (why were the size 10 camo ones all sold out, everywhere?), and finally landing on the "it" color for me.

I finally slip them on my feet, feel the grippy, yet subtle grooves massaging my feet like the Adidas sandals of yesteryear, and find that they.. well.. look like shit, and there's no possible way I'd wear these outside.

As always, just like the baggy pants and fanny packs, some of the new trends are reserved for those who are already "have it" - I let out a small sigh as I double-tap to like another photo from a happy lifestyle influencer.

There's so much I want to write about, I hope can I finally put out what I've been wanting to express for the past 4 years.